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I graduated college with a BFA in graphic design and big dreams of being one of those art directors with a giant office, overlooking Central Park. It only took a couple years for me to realize that the corporate world is no place for a creative, and that those glamorous offices don’t actually exist. I wasn’t brave enough to take the leap on my own, but fate stepped in for me when I was let go from my job as an Assistant Art Director during the heart of the recession, in 2009. Best.day.ever.

I started working a couple freelance jobs to stay afloat, but my focus became selling invitations + stationery. I knew a lot about design but nothing about building a business. I’ve spent the last seven years learning how to define my audience, establish a brand, sell online and find creative ways to make money doing what I love most.

This site was created for those who share in my passion for good design and crave the freedom to work on your own terms.

I won’t just show you what I’ve learned, but what I’m doing today to increase sales, connect with awesome brands and improve my craft. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body. Perhaps this comes from being so bad at sports. Either way, I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships, and there’s enough business for all of us. My enthusiasm for design has been trumped by the joy I feel in helping a fellow creative make their dreams come true.

About Michelle

Hi! I'm Michelle, a graphic designer who has been running my own creative business since 2009. I started this site to share everything I've learned along the way, and what I'm still exploring. If you have a passion for design, a computer and a big dream, I'm here help you make it happen.

Michelle Hickey is the owner and creative director of Enchanted Prints, an online stationery shop and editor of the blog, Elegance & Enchantment. Though a native New Yorker, her Southern soul led her to relocate to Northeast Florida in 2013, where she and her sweet hubby James are currently building a new home, with that office Michelle has always been dreaming of. When she’s not working on her businesses, you can find her sipping tea, exploring new cities, and spending time with family.