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Typographer’s Dream Font Bundle

A typographer’s dream font collection. 33 Fabulous Fonts for graphic design projects, web design, blogging, crafting, weddings, DIY projects and more. Includes script fonts, sans serif, serif, handwritten and calligraphy.

It’s our lucky day, font lovers (again). There’s a brand new bundle of awesome fonts that has just been released from my friends at Design Cuts, and every time they do, I want to throw a party. This collection comes with 33 fonts, in a variety of styles to keep you covered for whatever project comes your way.

The item that really pulled me into this one is the Typographer’s Toolbox, from Nicky Laatz, which I have had my eye on for awhile. When purchased alone, the cost is $40.00— $11.00 MORE than the cost of this bundle, (which comes with many additional fonts). Did I mention that it also comes with illustrations? Design Cuts, I’m not sure how you are making money, but thank you for making these bundles so affordable for us designers! There’s no way that I’d ever spend the $2,500.00 it would cost to purchase these one by one.

The good news is this current bundle is 99% off. The bad news is, it’s only available until October 4, 2015 (boo).

{ Unfortunately, this bundle has expired, but here is another amazing bundle that you can check out. }

If you prefer to purchase the fonts one by one, you can download each font individually here:
Typographer’s Bundle (includes Bacon Sandwich, Fish & Chips, Fox & Bear, Gingerbuck, Habaneros, Handsome Hand, Heartstrings, Hunterswood, Lemon Squeeze, Mustache, Rembrandt Shopaholics, Stalemates, Stringbeans, Sugarbush, and Zanjeros) // Faith and Glory // Have Heart // Imogen Agnes // Robolt // Betm // Delm // Labrador // Mucho Sans // Arquitecta // Safina Font // Thirsty Soft // Drone Ranger // TT Bluescreens // Allegretto Script // Nanami // Nanami Handmade // Viscid

Font used for Michelle signature (NOT included in this bundle): Carolyna Pro Black

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