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Wedding Invitation Font Pairing Guide

I’ve been in complete wedding mode lately— preparing for my sister Allison’s wedding in June, and also helping out my cousin Lindsay with invitations for her August wedding. One of the blessings of being part of a big family is that there’s always something to celebrate!

While I work regularly with my Etsy customers to help customize the cards that I already have designed, an embarrassing amount of time has passed since I’ve actually designed any NEW wedding invitations. I’ve purchased more fonts lately than I care to admit, so I thought it would be fun to play around with some new typography combinations as I start to work on Allison and Lindsay’s paper goods.

This guide includes combinations in eight different styles, which could be used for wedding invitations or any other type of celebration!

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Wedding Invitation Font and Pairing Guide from Elegance and Enchantment // Great combinations of script and serif/sans serif typography for any style!

{ Modern } Quickpen and ITC Avant Garde Gothic // { Whimsical } Cantoni Pro and Caecilia // { Romantic } Poem Script and Adobe Caslon Pro // { Hipster } Melany Lane and Strangelove // { Glamorous } Burgues Script and New Caledonia // { Vintage } Isabella and Core Deco // { Retro } Thirsty Script and Archive Antique Extended // { Rustic } Bombshell Pro and Ariadne Condensed

{ Fonts used in header } Carolyna Pro Black and Trade Gothic Condensed 20

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