Hi, I’m Michelle; creative, a little nerdy, passionate about learning, and even more excited to help you build the business (and life) of your dreams.

I graduated college with a BFA in graphic design and the desire to own a business — a dream that quickly vanished, the moment I stepped into the dark, gray cubicle, also known as my first job. Though I wasn’t brave enough to take that leap on my own, fate stepped in when I was let go from that full-time position during the heart of the recession, in 2009.

I started working a freelance job to stay afloat, but my focus became selling invitations + stationery. I knew a lot about design but nothing about building a business. I’ve spent the last nine years learning how to define my audience, establish a brand, sell online and find creative ways to make money doing what I love most.

I live to serve those who share in my passion for creativity and crave the freedom to work on your own terms.

As my business grew, so did my excitement for entrepreneurship. I started connecting with creatives from around the world who faced the same struggles that I did in the beginning: figuring out how to make sales, finding the time to do it all, trying not to get caught up in the comparison game, and knowing where even to start.

It wasn’t long before I realized that my greatest gift wasn’t in designing, but helping my fellow creatives achieve their highest levels of greatness. My heart now beats to serve and elevate anyone who dares to dream that their life could look different.

This is where we make magic, together.

I partner with the brightest, creative minds, helping you to use your gifts to develop and grow businesses, turning the life you’ve been dreaming of into a reality.

Click here to email me, and let me know how I can help you.

Hi! I'm Michelle, a graphic designer who has been running my own creative business since 2009. I started this site to share everything I've learned along the way, and what I'm still exploring. If you have a passion for design, a computer and a big dream, I'm here help you make it happen.


Michelle Hickey is the owner of Enchanted Prints, an online stationery shop and editor of the blog, Elegance & Enchantment. She is also the co-host of A Podcast for Creatives. When she’s not “working” you can find Michelle exploring new cities, likely in search of typography and baked goods. Originally a New Yorker, Michelle now calls Northeast Florida home, where she lives with her husband, James and their adorable kitties.

Top Photos by Laura Foote  //  Bottom Photo by Brooke Images

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