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Font Favorites – Handwritten

I have been loving handcrafted everything lately. I think there’s something about creating my own things that has really given me an appreciation for the love that goes in to what others have made. Today I am sharing my favorite handwritten fonts that you have probably seen me use many times before, whether it be in my blog artwork, free printables, in my Etsy store or one of my professional design projects.

If you are a regular reader you know that I post about fonts quite frequently and especially love to share places where you can find free fonts for your personal projects. While this list includes paid fonts that I have purchased for my work, they have been invaluable to me. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to create some of the beautiful designs that have been shared on this blog and my Etsy store. Thank you, font designers!

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Handwritten Fonts for typography lovers. Use these for graphic design projects, blogging, DIY projects, stationery, wedding invitations and more!

My favorite Handwritten fonts can be found here: Jacques and Gilles // Frosted // Ondise // Bergamot // Asterism // Bookeyed Martin // Quickpen // Love Potion // Cantoni // Amorie Modella

Font used in “Michelle” signature: Carolyna Pro Black // Font used in title: Trend (also used for font IDs), Trade Gothic Extended and Melany Lane (swirls)

Which is your favorite handwritten font? If you have created a project using one of these or any other handwritten font, please share a link with us below, so we can be inspired by your work. I’d love to share some examples on my social media feeds, so don’t be afraid to show your stuff!

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