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Font Favorites – Retro

I have always had this thought that I was born two generations too late, and I would have loved to have been around to see the 1920’s-1960’s (sorry, 1970’s). Since the mid 20th-century is one of my favorite time periods, a lot of my projects tend to have a bit of a vintagey-retro flair to it. Today I am sharing my favorite retro fonts that you have probably seen me use many times before, whether it be in my blog artwork, free printables, in my Etsy store or one of my professional design projects.

If you are a regular reader you know that I post about fonts quite frequently and especially love to share places where you can find free fonts for your personal projects. While this list includes paid fonts that I have purchased for my work, there are a handful of freebies hiding in there too!

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Elegance and Enchantment Font Favorites - Retro

My favorite Retro fonts can be found here: Anchor Jack // Thirsty Script // Brandon Printed // Rocket Script // Kiddie Cocktail // Lobster 1.3 // Volta Regular // The Carpenter Regular // Oil Can // Refreshment Stand

Font used in “Michelle” signature: Carolyna Pro Black // Font used in title: Trend (also used for font IDs), Trade Gothic Extended and Melany Lane (swirls)

What is your favorite retro font? I’d love to hear/see any fun projects you are working on that use some of these throwback fonts (or any that I may have missed)!

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